Turmoils of the Sword Coast

Wyvern Tor Orcs and Conyberry Banshees

Uktar the 23rd
Due to the urging of some of the townspeople of Phandalin as well as their promise to Hamun Kost the party heads to Wyvern Tor to confront the orcs that have been reported as being there. A careful approach and hunting skills led by Kanunu and Billy coupled with a careful creep of stealth by Luna enables a quick dispatch of the guard to the cavern at the Tor. The party then rolls into the cave with an air of bravado, hardly giving the orcs a chance to react. Thunderclaps, clouds of fog, burning spheres and powerful gusts of wind fill the cave in the midst of great-axes, swords, and arrows being swung and fired about. Folk and Janus stand strong against the wave of orcs and Ulfr backs them up with divine healing while maintaining a ball of flame harrying the orcs. The leader of the orcs, Brughor Axe-Biter, is brought low by Janus and the ogre Gog is soon to follow and eventually only two orcs remain who surrender their arms and beg for mercy. These two orcs explain that they were blood-and-honor bound to follow Brughor, but they were suspicious of his intentions as it went against the typical direction the Many Arrows tribe has been taking lately. “We think Brughor was taking commands from someone else,” they explain. They believe he was getting direction from one of the cities on the coast (either Neverwinter or Waterdeep). They find no note or information on Brughor, but they do find a chest tucked away with a bunch of riches and three vials of perfume (that Folk keeps).

Uktar the 24th-25th
The group makes their way back North through the mountains to shortcut their way to Conyberry. There they see a small but long ago sacked, ruined, and abandoned. Thick fog drapes an old trail leading into the wood. As per Kost’s direction they follow this trail. The air is noticeably colder as they proceed and they come to a dome-like shelter. They enter and an elf banshee appears before them. The banshee Agatha threatens the party, “DO YOU NOT KNOW IT IS DEATH TO SEEK ME OUT?” and Janus is quickly contrite and polite, asking the question they were sent to seek an answer to “Who built the wizard’s tower at Old Owl Well?”. Agatha responds, “Is that all? It was Arthindol!” They party attempts another question but Agatha lashes out, “ONE QUESTION ONLY” and disappears. The group brings this information back to Hamun Kost who is very excited to hear about it. In his excitement Kost does not notice Luna sneaking around and into his tent. Luna breaks into the chest in Kost’s tent and loots it for all its contents. Meanwhile staying true to the deal he made with the group, Kost lets the group know the exact location of Cragmaw Castle within Neverwinter wood. The group sets off to the castle to hopefully finally find their patron, Gundren Rockseeker.


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