Turmoils of the Sword Coast

Raiding Cragmaw

Uktar the 26th-28th

The party journeys from Old Owl Well to Cragmaw Castle in the South of Neverwinter Wood. One night while resting they wind up fighting a group of Ghouls which they easily handle with the help of the Cleric’s ability to Turn Undead.

When the group finally reaches Cragmaw Castle they prudently decide to scout the area first. Folk begins an incantation and his new connection to the Beast Realm to be able to see through the eyes and other senses of Dog the Dog whom Kanunu sends to scout around the castle. Luna then uses this information to use her sneaking and check some entrances. Instead of climbing in on the North side of the castle, Luna breaks in through the locked postern gate to the South. She slinks around inside the castle, finding several closed doors and various barrels and crates. Rather than take any more extending risks, Luna goes back to the party to let them know she had found a way in. The party begins to explore, using Billy’s special glasses to see through two doors until they shatter.

The group continues to explore the castle opening the first closed door they’re not sure what’s behind. The group quickly dispatches two of the Hobgoblin guards that were taking up watch in the East of the tower and can hear voices behind one of the doors on that aside of the castle talking about Gundren and his map and where they can stash them. One of the voices refers to himself as King Grohl.

At an impasse as to what to do, the party splits up with Luna and Kanunu heading towards a dark room and Billy and Janus deciding to open a door to one of the Southern towers. Billy quickly realizes his mistake as a very irate owlbear stares back at him. He tries to close the door on the owlbear but doesn’t have any luck with it. Janus and Folk engage the owlbear in combat. Meanwhile Luna opens the door in the dark room and lights her lamp so she can see. What she does see is the goblin Yeemik who they had encountered. Suddenly Luna also spots a grick hiding and waiting (and failing) to get the drop on her. The party is split between two monsters. Ulfr quickly runs to Luna’s aid and incinerates the grick with a guiding bolt. Yeemik screams in agony seeing his pet destroyed before it could destroy his enemies. Billy uses Mirror Image to make duplicates of himself and then shape changes into a wolf to create the appearance of four wolves attack the owlbear at once with Kanunu providing backup with his deadly longbow. Folk finishes off the owlbear with a brutal slash from Talon. Janus finds a stash of items in the mess of the room including a potion of healing, a scroll of silence, a scroll of revivify, and a good deal of gold.

Ulfr pursues Yeemik who runs through a curtain into an adjacent room where Yeemik is warning three goblins, all of them dressed in religious garb and standing at a bloody altar, servants to the goblinoid god Maglubiyet. Billy, as a wolf, catches up and sinks his jaws into Yeemik, finishing off the broken-hearted goblin. The Priest of Maglubiyet declares his fervor as one of the goblins seemingly decimates a wolf (actually just an illusion from Billy’s spell). Luna’s crossbow jams. The goblins are feeling like their god is smiling upon them. Ulfr will have none of this and swings his mighty warhammer at the evil priest Lhupo and crushes him. “Thank Frigga,” says Ulfr with a smile. Billy dispatches another goblin with his wolf jaws and the remaining goblin panics. He dodges swipe after swipe of the adventurers’ weapons and makes a break for the arrow slit to try and squeeze himself out the narrow opening. It doesn’t work out for him and Ulfr catches up. Ulfr asks where they are holding Gundren Rockseeker and the goblin, half stuck in the arrow slit, surrenders and admits that the dwarf is being held in the main Eastern tower with King Grohl (leader of the cragmaws) and some drow representative of the Black Spider. Ulfr nods, then hefts his warhammer once again and crushes the goblin, bits of goblin guts spurting out of the arrow slit. Finally in one of the baziers Ulfr finds a discarded statuette of a Sun Elf which gives off a vibe of divination magic.

The party is safe for now, but in fighting the goblins, the grick, and the owl bear all at once they caused a lot of noise in the Eastern hallways. Where to in Cragmaw Castle next?


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