Turmoils of the Sword Coast

Back to Phandalin... but not so fast

Uktar the 28th – Night

As the group attempted to sleep in one of the rooms in the castle they could hear voices in the next room over. Folk went to investigate. Inside what was previously the makeshift shrine that the goblins had erected was a large, dark humanoid, warping the darkness around him to appear somehow even more absent of light. The large shape ruminated over the dead goblins, deeming each one unfitting until it came to the body of Yeemik, “This one, this one was filled with such hate, I still have use for this one.” Folk could see the large figure was like a tall goblin itself and it had flames where its eyes should be. It picked up the broken body of Yeemik and disappeared in a gout of flame smelling of brimstone. When Folk related this story to the group Ulfr pointed out that it could be none other than Maglubiyet himself, perhaps responding to the goblins’ prayers.

Uktar the 29th

The group was preparing to interrogate the doppelganger when suddenly it shifted into the form of a halfing to try and slip its bonds. Folk quickly grabbed it and pinned it to a wall, intimidating it to give up answers. All it would offer was “The Mirror Lords will protect me.” Folk killed the doppelganger but not before what seemed to be a piece of him oozed off and started acting on its own accord: a Mimic! The group quickly put the mimic down and prepared to leave.

On their way out of the castle they saw a group of hobgoblins and worg riding goblins approaching. The leader of the troop identified himself as Targor The Bloodsword. Targor hinted that he would be willing to let them go should they let him occupy the now vacant castle so he could assume control over the Cragmaw tribe. The group wasn’t having it and waded into battle with the plattoon. Targor split the party’s attention by commanding his worg riders to head off and round up the last contingent of Cragmaw goblins to make a raid on Phandalin while the party was delayed with fighting. Billy quickly blasted the group of hobgoblins, spreading them out, but two of them (Targor included) were able to swarm onto Ulfr. Ulfr would not be distracted though and bravely used his range attacks to help take out the worg riders trying to flee and attack Phandalin rather than deal with the immediate threat of the hobgoblins attacking him. Even with the help of the other party members trying to thin the enemies out, Ulfr paid dearly for this bravery and was cut down by the violent hobgoblins. The group continued to battle, Folk raging and Luna backstabbing. Janus attempted to use his longbow at first but then quickly regretted not having his shield readied to protect others. Things were getting hairy and Ulfr was bleeding out…. Billy, far ahead of the group, sprinted back to help Ulfr, but there was no way he could reach the critically wounded dwarf in time, unless….. a salty-scented mist enveloped Billy’s feet, it swirled around him and suddenly he was ported to standing right next to Ulfr, ready to administer first aid and stabilize him. From there the rest of the group was able to use their weapons to finish off the remaining hobgoblins and worgs.

The group took a brief rest so Ulfr could get back to his feet and began heading back to their base of operations in Phandalin.

Uktar the 30th – Moonfeast Eve
When they arrived Sildar was thrilled to see they had come back with Gundren in tow. Sildar was also overjoyed to see his armor and family sword that the Cragmaws had stolen. With all of this settled he was prepared to take Iarno Albrek back to Neverwinter for his trial the next morning. The group got some business done in town, buying and selling items, meeting with others. Luna was able to get another step up with the Zentharim (Thieves’ Guild ) by giving the bone tube of maps and scrolls to Halia, though the group does not know it. Several group members upgraded their armor as well. Seemed like the group could finally get a nice night’s rest before heading off. The group was just about nodding off when all of a sudden a commotion began to arise from outside……

[To Be Continued!!]


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